Bringing the world to Ithaca

The Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate makes it a priority to bring the real estate world to Ithaca and to send its graduate students out into that world.

Through a robust weekly speaker series, frequent industry events, and annual career fairs, Baker Program students have face-to-face and often one-on-one access to many of today’s leaders of the industry.

In addition to on-campus interaction with industry leaders, Baker Program students have frequent off-campus projects and events that directly engage them with the real estate world. Interspersed throughout your time at this unique real estate program are multiple opportunities to spend time learning and working in locations around the globe, creating a truly engaged master’s-program experience.

Cornell University in New York City

Cornell University is strongly connected to New York City with the Cornell Tech campus and a multidisciplinary program at AAP NYC. Offering a direct link to the city is the Campus-to-Campus bus, which provides twice-daily transportation between Ithaca and two locations in Manhattan. Buses run seven days a week, year round.

Headshot of Matthew K. Farrell

I had a mock interview last week with Kate Bicknell, and it was fantastic! I got to spend 30 minutes with her, talking about the strengths and weaknesses of my resume and how I can better position myself for where I want to eventually land. For me, it was not so much for the interview practice, but more for the invaluable one-on-one time. I highly recommend it if you have the time.

Matthew K. Farrell, MBA/MPS RE '18