Connecting the Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate to a world of job opportunities

The Cornell Real Estate Council (“CREC”) is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to serving the needs of Cornell alumni and students who share a common interest in real estate. CREC is proud to represent the many voices of ‘real estate at Cornell,’ including current and former members of Cornell’s world-renowned graduate and undergraduate schools of business, real estate, hotel administration, architecture, art, and planning, engineering, law, industrial and labor relations, and more. CREC is committed to furthering the academic, educational, and aspirational goals of CREC members through the following key initiatives:

  • Mentor/mentee program whereby alumni meet with current students and recent graduates to share invaluable guidance and career advice
  • Robust calendar of regional events, organized by multiple CREC regional chapters, where real estate leaders share insight and knowledge with one another, and alumni professionally and socially network to further their professional development
  • Multifaceted enhancements to the real estate academic programs at Cornell, including sponsorship of real estate research, hosting student visits to noteworthy real estate projects, and guest lecturing and contribution of case studies in the classroom
  • Operating a dynamic website ( which provides multimedia content uploaded by CREC members and others, and exclusive access to Cornell RE-Connect, an online membership search tool where members can connect with fellow members based upon shared criteria, such as geographic location, property-type expertise, and professional interests

CREC membership is open to current students and alumni of Cornell University, as well as non-Cornellians interested in furthering their real estate knowledge and career opportunities.

Mentor Program

Alumni of the Baker program serve as mentors to current Baker students in order to provide guidance in their career, develop and refine networking skills, and make decisions related to their studies and time at Cornell. Students and mentors often continue to work together beyond the completion of the student’s degree. This relationship is often just as valuable as the lessons learned in class. To learn more about the mentor program and/or become involved, please visit the CREC website.

Members of the Cornell Real Estate Club at a social gathering
Members of the Cornell Real Estate Club at a social gathering