Job Outcomes 2020

Curious about your potential for job placement and earnings from the Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate (MPS-RE)- The Baker Program? Explore the salaries, industry sectors, locations, companies of recent graduates.

Class of 2020: Full-Time Employment

The Baker Program in Real Estate Class of 2020 included 27 graduates. Of these graduates, 19 reported that they were seeking full time employment.

The figures below represent job offers and acceptances reported by MPS in Real Estate (Baker Program) graduates who were seeking full-time employment.

Statistic: 83% of graduates reported a full-time offer
Statistic: 83% of full-time job seekers obtained employment

Class of 2020: Average Base Salary Data

Baker program graduates garner highly competitive salaries. The average base salary for all graduates was $101,250. This represents a nine percent increase over the Class of 2019’s average base salary.

Statistic: $101,250 average base salary reported by employed graduates
Statistic: 9% increase in average base salary compared to last year's class (2019)

Salary Data

Interested in how average base salary changes by work status, location, or industry? Take a look at the most recent graduate data below.

Average Base Salary by Work Status

Baker graduates with permanent work authorization earned a slightly higher average base salary compared to the average base salary of graduates who did not have permanent work authorization: earning $105,000 vs. $95,000, respectively.

Statistic: $105,000 average base salary reported by US work-authorized graduates
Statistic: $95,000 average base salary reported by non-US work-authorized graduates

Average Base Salary by Industry

Baker graduates are hired into a variety of industries, with over half of employed graduates going into – what else? – real estate. The second highest industry, financial services, employed another fifth of the graduates.

 Industry  Average Base Salary Percent of Total Employed
 Real Estate  $112,500  54%
 Financial Services  $91,667  20%
 Consulting/Audit/Tax  N/A*  13%
 Hospitality/Tourism  N/A*  13%

Average Base Salary by Region

The majority of our graduates remain in the United States when they embark on their careers. The average base salary for US-based employees is $101,429. A small group, 13 percent, of our graduates are employed overseas.

 Region Average Base Salary Percent Employed
 United States  $101,429  87%
 International  N/A*  13%

Top Hiring Companies

The following companies represent the top hiring companies who offered full-time opportunities to graduates of the Baker Program in Real Estate.

*Due to the small and intimate class sizes, some breakout compensation data is unavailable due to insufficient data points to meet the threshold to ensure anonymity.

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